SHIFA AROMAS Luxury Essential Oil Home  Fragrances - CAFE OUD

SHIFA AROMAS Luxury Essential Oil Home Fragrances - CAFE OUD

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SHIFA AROMA botanical artisan home fragrances are  elegantly crafted with the finest fragrances and essential oils, infused with natural flowers, woods and resins. SHIFA AROMA Soy wax candles, eco-friendly diffusers are hand-made and hand-poured with care in small batches in our family workshop in Yorkshire, therefore, making each product special.


Each candle and diffuser has a uniquely designed wellbeing/lifestyle symbol to help you choose the perfect Shifa Aroma product for your home and soul. SHIFA AROMA candles are vegan friendly, paraben free, SLS free. Our diffusers are eco-friendly and paraben-free.

SHIFA AROMA fragrances are hand made in Sheffield and beautifully decorated with flowers and spices.  



CAFE OUD is a modern fusion of essential oils that include Bergamot and spicy Pimento leading into a rich heart of precious Old and Havana which blend beautifully into notes of Vanilla and Suede. This diffuser is infused with Persian Tea Rose Petals, Tea Leaves and Old Wood

Luxury Glass* | 220g | 45-50hrs burn-time Luxury Diffuser | 100ml | Fibre Reed Sticks | Lasts up to 10-12 weeks Diffuser Refill | 100ml